DLT 2012 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, on the campus of National Taiwan University.

 Main Entrance of NTU
Main entrance of NTU

National Taiwan University — the most prestigious university in Taiwan — is located in the mid south of the Taipei city. It was established in 1928 and currently has over 33,000 students. The university hosts 11 colleges,  54 departments and 103 graduate institutes, plus four university-level research centers.

 Conference site: Barry Lam Hall, NTU
Conference site: Barry Lam Hall



The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1945 with its M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs established in 1947 and 1968, respectively. The EE Division currently hosts 127 full-time faculty members, 904 undergraduates, and 1955 graduate students, among which 1150 are in the Master program and 805 are in the Ph.D. program.

DLT 2012 will be hosted in Barry Lam Hall of the Department of Electrical Engineering, NTU.

Taipei, Taiwan
Taroko Gorge National Park

Taroko Gorge National Park
(in Hualien County)

Taiwan, a mountainous island with abundant natural resources, is situated within three major climatic zones. Its various topography endows the island with very diverse biological aspects. The protection of Taiwan’s natural ecosystems is a unique and difficult challenge. Mountainous topography and different forest types are combined with large-scale human development in Taiwan to create an ecological island within the actual physical island itself. To protect these ecological islands, the government has set aside nearly 10 percent of the land in a multi-tiered conservation system that includes six National Parks, 18 nature preserves, 20 nature reserves, and one wildlife sanctuary.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum
(in Taipei)

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is situated in northern Taiwan. As the largest and most prominent city on the island, Taipei is right in a basin surrounded by mountains and crossed by rivers. The mountains north of Taipei in Yangminshan National Park dominate the landscape, the Tamsui and Hsintien Rivers meander through the southeast, while the Keelung River crosses the city to the northeast.

The climate of the island is subtropical, the average temperature is between 22°C (71°F) to 24°C (75°F). The weather in August is warm with occasional afternoon rain showers and the temperature is around 27°C (80°F). Plenty of Sun shines. Visitors are suggested to bring an umbrella or a hat.