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    As the sizes and functionalities of software keep on growing, non-trivial software projects have spent more than half of their budget in testing and debugging.   For Taiwan's high-tech industry, the situtaion is even worse since most software team managers and engineers do not think that they should spend money in software testing.  Such a mentality rooted from Taiwan's industrial strength in OEM and ODM business but is now hurting Taiwan's effort in brand business.   With the know-how in requirement engineering and system testing, Taiwan has no hope in making a successful international brand in the high-tech industry. 



    The course aims at teaching the students the background theory of software testing and letting them play with advanced testing tools from academia and industry.  In the long-term, we anticipate to produce skillful professionals in software testing business for Taiwan's high-tech industry that can do the following. 

Course planning:

    This course will focus on the theoretical aspects of software testing.  Basic plan is listed as follows.  

1.  first module: foundations (slides)

2.  second module: Testing criteria

2.1 Graph testing (slides)

2.2 Logic testing (slides)

2.3 Input space testing (slides)

2.4 Syntax testing (slides)

3.  third module: practical consideration. (slides)

4. Criterias for new app types (slides)





Introduction to Software Testing

Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt


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