1. Each student selects a different web program as SUT (Software under Test).
  2. The student need write a few SUT requirements
  3. The student then need deduce test requirements from the SUT requirements and argue for their connections.
  4. The student then need construct test-cases out of the test requirements.
  5. From Chapter 2 to 5, the student uses the tools in the textbook webpage (or other equivalents) to derive the test suite.
  6. The student then use Selenium to rip and implement their test-cases with Selenium.
  7. The student then makes a presentation of her/his SUT, test designs, implementation, and experiment for 10 mins in the class.
  8. The student then submits her/his program, test plans, test implementation, and test reports
  9. Tutorials:
    1. Selenium tutorials
    2. Tutorial by 許儲羽先生(TA)
  10. Examples:
    1. example by 許儲羽先生(TA)
    2. example by 林俊瑋先生
  11. Please email your programs, testcases, presentation PPT files, and all necessary materials to the TA by the due date.