1. NAS Server Functional Testing and Verification, Quanta Computers Inc. (廣達電腦), 2005/10/1-2006/9/30, NT$1,570,000.00

  2. Research on the Automation and Visualization Technology of Testcases for Software Systems, III (資策會), 2006/1/1-2006/12/31, NT$900,000. 

  3. A New Theory for Program Execution Time Analysis, NSC (國科會), 2005/8/1-2008/7/31, 3*NT$773,000.00. 

  4. An Integrated Framework for the Formal Development of Complex Embedded Systems, NSC (國科會), 2005/8/1-2008/7/31, 3*NT$483,000.00.

  5. Formal Method Course Planning, Software Engineering Consortium, Ministry of Education(教育部), 2004/3/1-2006/12/31, 2*NT$450,000.00. 

  6. Intel Multi-Core Course Planning, Intel, 2006/4/1-2007/3/31, USD$20,000.  (with Prof. S.-Y. Kuo, C.-L. Lei, H.-C. Yen)