Networked Information and CommunicationsLab




Yao-Shan Hsiao (蕭樂山)
Currently: Military Service

Ho-Chun Chen (陳和均)
Currently: MediaTek

Teng-Hui Huang (黃騰輝)
Currently: Military Service


Cheng-Hisung Liu (留振雄) Currently: Military Service
Thesis: Delay Scaling Law of Random Wireless Networks: Impact of Blocklength

Cheng-Yang Lin (林正洋) Currently: MediaTek
Thesis: Delay-Sensing Resilient Spectrum Sharing System among Dynamic Secondary Users

Yuan-Shuo Chang (張原碩) Currently: MediaTek
Thesis: Interference Mitigation for Two-Tier Heterogeneous Cellular Network and Dynamic TDD Small Cell Network via Limited Backhaul Cooperation

Po-Hsiu Hsiao (蕭博修) Currently: RealTek
Thesis: Fast Fading MIMO Broadcast Channel with Rate Limited Feedback: Degrees of Freedom Analysis

Hsuan-Ta Fu (傅宣達) Currently: MediaTek
Thesis: On Fundamental Limits of Rate, Blocklength and Number of Users in Many-Broadcast Channel


Li-An Jiang (江禮安) Currently: Applied Optoelectronics
Thesis: Inter-cell Interference Management under Imperfect Channel State Information at Transmitter

Shi-Rong Liu (劉士戎) Currently: MediaTek
Thesis: Interference Management in Two-Tier Heterogeneous Cellular Network with Reverse Duplex

Jhong-Wei Luo (駱仲威) Currently: RealTek
Thesis: Relay-aided Interference Mitigation: the study of two users interference channel with two relays



Kuan-Yun Lee (李冠運) Currently: PhD student, EECS, UC Berkeley
Research Topic: Crowd Sensing

Wei-Ning Chen (陳偉寧) Currently: Master student, GICE, NTU
Research Topic: Learning with Privacy

Yun-Cheng Sung (宋昀蓁) Currently: Master student, Design Engineering, Harvard
Research Topic: Learning with Privacy

Chi-Ning Chou (周紀寧) Currently: PhD student, CS, Harvard
Research Topic: High Dimensional Statistics

I Chien (簡翌) Currently: PhD student, ECE, UIUC
Research Topic: Community Detection


Chin-Chia Hsu (許晉嘉) Currently: PhD student, IDSS, MIT
Research Topic: Coded caching

Shao-Heng Ko (柯劭珩) Currently: Research Assistant, Academia Sinica
Research Topic: Secure network coding

Yao-Shan Hsiao (蕭樂山) Currently: Master student, GICE, NTU
Research Topic: Multiple unicast

Chung-Yi Lin (林宗毅) Currently: Master student, GICE, NTU
Research Topic: Distributed storage