IFEC 2016 Topic Specification

High Power Density AC-DC Converter

Input Voltage Vin: 90~264 Vac
Input Current Iin: 15 A (max)
Input Frequency fac: 47~63 Hz
Input Power Factor PF: >0.95 @20% load
Input Current Harmonic ITHD: <2% @100% and 50% load
Input Inrush Current Iinrush: <60Amax @264Vac

Output Power Pout: 1.3 kW (max)
Output Voltage Vout: 400 Vdc
Output Voltage Ripple Vout,p-p: 5Vdc

Hold-Up Time Thold: 12ms (Vout>360Vdc @100% load)
Power Density: >1 W/cm3

Pout 10% 20% 50% 100%
115Vrms 92% 94% 96% 92%
230Vrms 92% 96% 98% 96%

EMI Requirement: CISPR CLASS A (Shall have a minimum of 3dB margin)
Maximum AC Leakage Current: 3.5mA @240Vrms

Note: The AC-DC converter will be tested in an environmental chamber @650C full load for 10 minutes

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