Selected Publications
Demo_01 EQS Solution in 2-D Trough (2004)
Demo_02 EQS Solution with PEC Cylinder (2004)
Demo_03 EQS Solution with PEC Sphere (2004)
Demo_04 EQS Solution with Uniformly Polarized Sphere (2004)
Demo_05 MQS Solution with PEC Cylinder (2004)
Demo_06 MQS Solution with PEC Sphere (2004)
Demo_07 MQS Solution in 2-D Trough (2004)
Demo_08 Comparison of Electric and Magnetic Dipoles (2004)
Demo_09 Reflection of TE Plane Wave (2004)
Demo_10 Reflection of TM Plane Wave (2004)
Demo_11 Parallel-Plate Waveguide (2004)
Demo_12 Transmission Line with Resistive Termination (2004)
Demo_13 Transmission Line with Inductive Termination (2004)
Demo_14 Transmission Line Segment with Initial Conditions (2004)
Demo_15 Higher-Order TE and TM Modes of Transmission Line (2004)
Demo_16 TE Modes of Rectangular Waveguide (2004)
Demo_17 TM Modes of Rectangular Waveguide (2004)
Demo_18 TE Modes of Rectangular Cavity Resonator (2004)
Demo_19 TM Modes of Rectangular Cavity Resonator (2004)
Demo_20 Radiation Fields of a Hertzian Dipole (2005)
Demo_21 Radiation Fields of an N-Element Linear Antenna Array (2004)
Demo_22 EQS Solution with Two Parallel Wires (2005)
Demo_23 MQS Solution with Two Parallel Wires (2005)
Demo_24 Unit Impulse Response of Three Cascaded Lines (2005)
Demo_25 Transient Response of TL with Nonlinear Termination (2005)
Demo_26 Crosstalk between Two Coupled Lines (2005)
Demo_27 Steady-State Response of TL with Linear Termination (2005)
Demo_28 Single-Stub Matching over TL (2005)
Demo_29 Double-Stub Matching over TL (2005)
Demo_30 Polarization of Plane Waves (2005)
Demo_31 Skin Depth, Penetration Depth, Plasma Frequency (2005)
Demo_32 Pulse Diffusion over TL (2005)
Demo_33 Phase velocity and Group Velocity (2005)
Demo_34 Dielectric Slab Guide (2005)
Demo_35 TE Modes of Cylindrical Waveguide (2005)
Demo_36 Pulse Broadening in Dispersive Medium (2005)
Demo_37 Quantum Well and Tunneling Effect (2005)
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